Please call me to discuss your requirements since choosing boots for the first time can be daunting. My mobile number is 07971 501834. I will need measurements and an idea of what you would you will be using the boots for (rehabilitation; hacking; competition work etc).

Easycare warranty

A short note on the Easycare 30 day Warranty.

This is a US Warranty and does not specifically cover the UK and does not cover issues caused by incorrect sizing. This is especially true of the Easyboot Glove and the Back Country which have to fit perfectly. Incorrect sizing can be seen in canter and if the boots come off in that gait then they are definitely too big. A new glove may well need a mallet for initial application and should not move in any direction. Proper use of the fit kit should prevent size issues. Make sure you attempt all gaits when using the kit.

Turnout therapy boot

If you are looking for a therapy boot for turnout, please be aware that no boot is designed for unrestricted turnout. The RX may stand up to limited turnout (in a sand school or concrete yard) but we cannot promise that they will. If a horse steps on itself, the boots may well rip which is not the fault of the boot. The Mac, Trail or the Cavallo can be used where appropriate for field turnout but you have to make sure that they are checked regularly for rubbing. Just as a rug can be trashed within minutes of turnout, so can boots.

The new Transition boot seem to be standing up to limited turnout and this may be another boot to consider. But use of boots for turnout requires a degree of common sense. Your horse is uncontrolled and may well destroy the boots which is not the fault of the boot. All the above have worked for some horses but none of the boots work for all horses.