Red Horse Sarclay 100ml


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Active skin paste

Sarclay is a thick, clay based skin cream with essential oils, herbal extracts and technical ingredients. It is designed to form a layer over smaller areas of skin and produce a physical barrier against insects, dirt and the elements.
Sarclay is fo r use on specific areas to help keep horses skin healthy.

Apply to clean, dry skin. Reapply as required. For equine use only. Apply with a glove as product may stain skin and fabric.

Note: Sarclay is not recommended for use on: Mud fever, sweet itch, general skin irritation, wounds or close to the eye as it may irritate areas of open skin. Sarclay may stain skin and clothing so apply with care.

Money back guarantee: we appreciate that all horses are different and don’t all benefit from the same applications. If you don’t find Sarclay useful please let us know and we will issue a refund!