Red Horse Riders Rescue Lipbalm 15ml


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Our lips get battered in the winter and even worse in the spring. With this in mind Red Horse Products have developed a lip balm to help you avoid chapped, uncomfortable lips during the colder months.

What is different about it? Most balms are either petroleum jelly or cheap oils hardened with beeswax. Red Horse just use plant butters like avocado and mango which have incredible lubricity and healing properties and add a little beeswax to harden them and vitamin e to provide some extra skin nourishment.

This first PID formulation is mint and vanilla flavoured from the added essential oils all housed in a nifty little sliding lid tin for one handed opening and less chance of dropping the lid, you can even use it without sticking your potentially filthy outdoorsy fingers in it!


This is still a ‘product in development’ hence the reduced price, therefore when buying you agree to adhere to the following conditions:

Although this product has been extensively tested with no adverse effects you must let us know immediately if you have any problems or reactions with this product.

There are no ingredients in this that should be remotely dangerous/ irritating, that said you use trial products at your own risk.

We do not supply an ingredients list on the tin of this product, get in touch if you need to know what is in it.

Please give us feedback on the product as it cannot be improved without it and this is the whole idea of selling it as PID.

If you like it, shout it from the hills!