Red Horse Coat Spray Natural

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Coat Spray Natural is a scented coat spray formulated to help keep horses skin cool and comfortable through the summer months.

With soothing aloe vera juice, skin friendly lavender and bog myrtle oils. Coat Spray can be used on the coat at any time to keep your horse happy and focused in summer conditions.

With a pleasant smell and Citriodiol plant extract to give a long lasting effect on your horse’s skin, Coat Spray Natural makes summer a pleasure again!

Whats in it?

15% Citriodiol® (remains the only plant-based insect repellent with endorsement from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention and will be the only naturally derived active ingredient registered under the BPD (Biocidal Products Directive). At a massive 15% concentration!
Lavender oil
Bog Myrtle oil
Aloe Vera juice
Isopropyl alcohol
Hydrogenated Castor oil

With size options of 500ml or 2.5 litre refills you can either opt for portability or great value from the larger size.