Red Horse Honey Heel


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Honey and Zinc Oxide based healing and mud fever cream.

HoneyHeel was originally mixed up to treat a stubborn mud fever on a young stallion who didn’t like his legs being handled (and the owner really didn’t like handling his legs!!). There was improvement in one treatment and no mud fever by the 3rd. Since then is has been tweaked and improved and it is proving itself to be an invaluable remedy.

HoneyHeel has been found incredibly useful not only for mud fever but also for almost any superficial wound. On feet it has been used against thrush, frog abscesses, soft frogs, sore heels. When applied it is incredibly sticky so gives brilliant wound contact and adhesion also forming a barrier to infection.

Unlike some other healing creams HoneyHeel contains 40% Zinc Oxide as a primary antimicrobial and healing agent. Most healing creams contain under 20% (just look at the labels!).

HoneyHeel contains primarily:

  • Bio active honey, unpasteurised to retain important enzymes that aid the healing process
  • Zinc Oxide (40%), to fight bacteria and fungi and accelerate the healing process.