EPS Pads – Pair


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EPS 4lb pads, suitable for ponies, small horses and equines suffering from laminitis with the advice of an EP/Farrier/Vet – 178mm x 178mm x 26mm – come in pairs.

EPS 7lb pads – suitable for most equines – 178mm x 178mm x 26mm – come in pairs.

EPS 9lb pads – suitable for larger horses – 203mm 203mm x 25mm or 229mm x 229mm x 25mm – come in pairs

Equine Podiatry Supplies Pads

Pads are only meant for temporary use and should not be left on for more than 72 hours at a time without being taken off and reapplied if necessary. When using pads for rehabilitation, they should only be applied during exercise (hand-walking or for ridden work in boots) and for turn out. They can cause excessive moisture retention if left on for prolonged periods which can lead to softening of the sole and possibly an increase in hoof infections.

  • You will need a roll of duct tape (or similar) for applying the pads and a suitable tool for cutting the pads to size (Stanley knife is perfect)
  • Firstly place the hoof on the middle of the pad and get your horse to fully weight bear
  • Wait a few minutes for the hoof to make an impression in the pad
  • Trim the pad leaving it ¼ inch wider than the actual hoof
  • Put duct tape on the base of the pad and apply to the hoof. The best way is to have one piece from the toe of the pad up the wall at the toe of the horse and one piece across the heel of the pad to come round the front of the foot. Add tape as needed to hold pad in place.

If in any doubt, ask your trimmer.