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The Hoofjack supports the hoof and saves your back! The different sizes of Hoof Jack are designed for are designed for different sizes of horses and ponies and taller and shorter users.

The Standard Hoofjack® will accommodate a pony up to a small draft or draft cross. The Standard Hoofjack® consists of one standard base with two magnets, one standard cradle, and one straight post with standard rubber cap.
The standard base is made of linear polyethylene and is 12″ in height and with a base diameter of 18″. Overall height adjustment is 14″ – 22″. The base material comes with a three year warranty against horse breakage.

  • Pull a shoe, trim, rasp, and nail on a new shoe without putting the hoof between your knees or supporting the horse with your body.
  • Take your mind off your back and knees and put it back into your work.
  • Supports the hoof for daily care, treatment, bandaging, and more.

The Mini Hoofjack is for Shetlands and ponies. The base is 7″ in height and with a diameter of 13″. Overall height adjustment is 8-12″.

The Medium Hoofjack  base is the same diameter as the standard base but three inches shorter. The cradle is the standard size but  with a shorter post and the straight post is also correspondingly shorter. This size is ideal for smaller horses under 12 hands, geriatric horses with limited range of motion, and for the user under 5′ 9″ (175 cm) wanting to used the cradle on the front feet.

Do not leave a horse with it’s foot on the stand unattended!