FlexPad KEVLAR – Pair


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Available in 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150

FlexPad KEVLAR is newest Flex pad on the market. It is slightly firmer than FlexPad EVA and it has a Kevlar surface to protect the pad against the pressure of the hoof.

FlexPad KEVLAR stays in place. It will mould in to the insole of the boot and also to the sole of the hoof. It offers a good stimulation to the sole and back of the foot too.

Kevlar surface is little bit sticky, so the hoof stays in place very well.

PRE-CUT TO THE RIGHT SIZE! Thickness 6 mm.

Same great benefits as with FlexPad EVA, added with strong Kevlar surface on top of it.

Choose FlexPad KEVLAR if:

  • you need to improve fit
  • sole and/or frog needs more stimulation
  • horse needs extra protection on hard and/or rocky terrain
  • when rehabilitating laminitis, abscess, wld, thin sole etc. Flex boots with pads are a great way to strengthen the thin sole!

Please note, if using in a boot other than the Flex boot, any warranty is invalidated.