Flex Hoof Boot 150 – Single Boot


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how to use flex boots – pdf instructions


New Flex Hoof Boots  – sold individually

Product includes:

  • 1 black boot and gaiter: material TPU (thermo plastic urethane)
  • black back strap: material TPU (other colours available separately)
  • variety of coloured gaiters: durable protective neoprene
  • 5 pcs of ball head rivet closure + TPU washer

FlexHorse boots can be used for any activity with your horse.

Before placing an order:

  • trim the hooves
  • measure hooves carefully
  • check the right size from the size chart
  • if you are unsure between two sizes: take a photo with measuring tape across the foot and send it to the manufacturer by email: helpdesk.flexboots@gmail.com
  • FlexHorse boots work fine even if they are a little bit loose or snug. So ask for help if needed!
  • We have the fit kit which can be ordered separately

Flex Hoof Boot Sizing Chart

FlexPony 80 78-85 80-90
FlexPony 90 85-95 90-100
Flexpony 100 95-105 100-110
FlexHorse 110 105-115 110-120
FlexHorse 120 115-125 120-130
FlexHorse 130 125-135 130-140
FlexHorse 140 135-145 140-150
FlexHorse 150 145-155 150-160

Fitting Video and downloadable fitting instructions:

Flex Fitting Instructions