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Spare parts for the Flex boots:

Flex Gaiter Extension

Sold in pairs, the extension is a good way to get more length for the pastern strap. Each extension includes 2 flat rivets. You may also need a bigger neoprene gaiter.

Flex Rivets

Flex Rivets are used to hold the FlexGaiter TPU in the Flex boot. Sometimes, if the horse steps on the boot for some reason, this small rivet can fell off or get damaged. It is easy to remove and adjust again.

If the rivets has fallen off, then you simply add a new rivet by adding the male rivet from inside the boot thru the hole, push the female rivet from the outside on to the male rivet, use a hammer to attach them together. Your boot is ready for work again.

Ball Rivets

The Flex boot include 5 ball rivets that are part of the fastening system. Rivets are attached to the screws that have washers under them.The strap that goes around the pastern, has one rivet. The shell of the boot has 2 rivets per side.

We recommend that you check the rivets from time to time to make sure they are not loose.

If your horse has a narrow gait and she is damaging the ball rivets, back strap or the boot it self inside the foot, we recommend installing flat rivets inside the foot.

Flat Rivets

As a rule, the purpose is to adjust the back strap on the inside of the foot so that there is a maximum of one hole below the rivets. The strap will remain closed if there is no extra hole below the rivets.


  • your horse has narrow gait and the ball rivets hit the leg next to it, rivets can also break the back strap in time
  • back strap opens easily from the inside even if adjusted with no extra holes below the rivets

The solution:

  • we recommend installing the flat rivets to the boots inside of the foot. The installation instructions for flat rivets can be found here
  • after you have adjusted the flat rivets, there is no need/possibility to reopen the rivets in every use and the strap remains close in every condition