Explora Boot Fit Kit


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  • Four bases for the Explora boot – choose from standard or slim
  • Price is hire charge.
  • If you buy boots you will be refunded £40.
  • If not you will be refunded £30.
  • If the fit kit is NOT returned clean and dry NO refund will be made

Explora Hoof Boots Sizing Chart

Size 1 105-115mm 110-120mm
Size E1 95-105mm 105-115mm
Size 2 115-125mm 120-130mm
Size E2 105-115mm 115-125mm
Size 3 125-135mm 130-140mm
Size E3 115-125mm 125-135mm
Size 4 135-145mm 140-150mm
Size E4 125-135mm 135-145mm