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Explora Solution boots are one of the newest on the market. They come as a pair and feature:

  • Simple and super fast fitting
  • Innovative easy-on system so you can fit the boot in less than 30 seconds!
  • Soft and simple design without velcro or cables. But adjustable to get a perfect fit.
  • A soft and breathable bulb protector prevents chafing
  • Elastic adjustment of easy fastening. With only 2 clicks! Forget about having to use extra tools to place them.
  • Maximum ergonomics for unsurpassed performance

The anti-loss and anti-rotation system “Stays on and no twist shape” conforms to the hoof “like a glove” wrapping it up to the heels, preventing the boots from turning or getting lost and alowing the hoof to work freely.

The boot design allow maximum adaptability to hooves with almost any angle. Two side windows allow the natural expansion of the hoof in its quarters, which improves grip without compromising the natural movement of the hoof.

Free heels and active frog, two very important goals that are also present thanks to the design of the sole that allows both heels and frog to fulfil their natural function. The heels will be able to maintain their natural vertical oscillation and the frog will be able to actively support each footstep and thus, by remaining in contact with the sole and this with the ground, it doesn’t atrophy.

Finally, all the pressure exerted by the pushing force of the horse will no longer relapse on the delicate soft tissue of the bulbs. Now it will be the horny tissue of the heels, the strongest area of the horse’s foot, which will support this pressure, thus fulfilling its natural function.

At last, the bulbs will stop receiving that pressure and will be able to forget the bruises caused by pulls in inappropriate places.

The bulbs will be really protected and free of a pressure for which they aren’t prepared naturally.

Its sole specially designed to provide the horse with exceptional grip in all terrains and it’s really easy to add studs if needed.

Designed to adapt to different shapes of the hoof

Don’t worry if your horse’s hooves are irregular or asymmetrical, this boot fits almost any type of hoof. Combing its elastic wall that facilitates adaptation to the hoof with its ability to be moulded to suit the consumer, especially in the case of hoof flares. You just have to heat it, shape it and wait for it to cool.

Explora Hoof Boots

Size 1 105-115mm 110-120mm
Size E1 95-105mm 105-115mm
Size 2 115-125mm 120-130mm
Size E2 105-115mm 115-125mm
Size 3 125-135mm 130-140mm
Size E3 115-125mm 125-135mm
Size 4 135-145mm 140-150mm
Size E4 125-135mm 135-145mm