Equus Hoofcast

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About Hoofcast

The Hoofcast wrap is a woven fabric tape which is treated with a water activated resin. Once the hoof has been trimmed and prepared Hoofcast can be fitted. Open the foil pouch, fill with water, allow cast to soak for 10 seconds then simply wrap the hoof with Hoofcast encapsulating the entire hoof. Once this process is complete, after a few minutes the resin will harden and shoes can be nailed or glued directly onto the now hard Hoofcast. Hoofcast can be used on its own or in conjunction with other products.

Available in a choice of sizes: 50mm x 3.6m; 75mm x 3.6m; 100m x 3.6m.

When can I use Hoofcast?

  • Lost shoe and taken half the wall with it!
  • White line disease
  • Transition from shod to barefoot
  • Shelly and cracked hooves
  • Unlike many other products no special preparation is required prior to application, simply clean the hoof of loose dirt and exfoliation then apply. The hoof can be wet or dry.
  • Hoofcast is a simple cost effective way to help keep horses in work.

Application by the owner

Equus Hoofcast is a versatile product which can be used by owners and professional alike. For the owner it can be used in an emergency, i.e.if a shoe is loose and could rip the hoof or even cut the horses leg. Hoofcast can be applied over the shoe to hold it in place until the farrier can attend. If the shoe is already lost, Hoofcast can be applied so that the horse or pony can still be used, i.e.  if you have a show to go to and you have a lost shoe then apply Hoofcast and you can still go to the show! So it is a bit like a spare tyre! Also, many owners would like their horses to go barefoot. It can take some time for the horse to get used to being barefoot. Hoofcast can help with the transition.

Application by a farrier

With Hoofcast it is possible to nail on to a completely broken hoof. Because Hoofcast is breathable and anti-bacterial it is possible for it to remain on the hoof for the complete shoeing cycle 6-8 weeks. Even though it cures to a robust supportive structure, Hoofcast will flex with the natural movement of the hoof.

Hoofcast can be used with other products. Hoof putty is a two part product when mixed cures to a rubbery supportive pad that will mould to the exact contours of the sole of the hoof, then wrapped with Hoofcast provides a protective, cushioning support which is ideal for laminitic’s, thin soled hooves and hooves recovering from abscesses etc.