Easyboot Mini



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The Easyboot Mini has been designed specifically for miniature horses, ponies and foals. Quick and easy to apply, this boot is the ultimate option for tiny hooves.

The lightweight urethane blended sole will allow for traction and protection on any surface. The durable and supple upper keeps the boot secure without interfering with the natural gait.

This is the ideal boot for light driving, therapy and providing traction.

The Easyboot Mini is a first class option for horses who encounter diversity of terrain. The Easyboot Mini will accommodate a Comfort Pad to be used as a therapy boot.

Mini Size Chart

MINI 44-49mm 49-54mm
MINI 1 50-55mm 55-64mm
MINI 2 56-65mm 65-72mm
MINI 3 66-76mm 73-86mm