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Please note, these boots come as a singles

The Easyboot Cloud Therapy Hoof Boot is the ultimate hoof boot for laminitis and other chronic hoof problems. The Easyboot cloud comes complete with a specialist removable and replaceable EVA hoof pad inside, that conforms to the hoof and offers additional comfort and support to the sole. The supportive tread reduces loading of the peripheral hoof wall, spreading weight across the entire solar area. The Cloud hoof boot offers a secure fit on the hoof, and is designed for use in the stable, yard, roundpen and other restricted turnout (not designed for very muddy/ deep going or full turnout).

The Easyboot Cloud therapy hoof boot is the perfect boot for laminitics/ founder, thin or sore soles/hooves, abscesses, and is also very useful for horses recovering from surgery or hoof problems, recovery after hard workouts and when stabling on hard surfaces for example at shows.

Seams and edges of the industrial strength Cordura upper of the Easyboot Cloud are rounded for safety. A padded collar on this hoof boot provides additional relief to the pastern area. Three air vents provide air circulation to keep the hoof cool while preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Each Easyboot Cloud hoof boot comes with a removable closed-cell EVA standard pad, replacement Cloud pads are sold separately.

Easyboot Cloud Therapy Hoof Boot features:

Constructed from: Cordura upper, composite sole with EVA pad

Fastening type: Velcro front closure

Ease of use: Easy to fit

Use: Stable, yard, round pen or similar- Not for ridden work or full turnout

The Easyboot Cloud Therapy boot suits: Will accommodate a wide range of shapes and size, if in doubt please contact us for advice

Number of boots supplied: 1 single boot

Box contains: 1 single boot and 1 EVA standard pad.

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