Cavallo Transport Air Boots – Pair


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Boots come in pairs

The new Transport Air hoofboots will protect and cushion your horse during travelling, relieving fatigue and preventing pulled shoes, knocks and damage to your trailer/box.  They can also be used for turnout, and light riding on shod or barefoot horses.  If using over shoes, use the kevlar pads provided.

The boots are formulated from high performance thermo plastic urethane (TPU) compound which provides total hoof protection, shock absorption and abrasion resistance.  They have built-in sole relief:  an integrated high density inner rim supports load-bearing the hoof wall, relieving pressure from the sole, bars and frog and the outside tread pattern supports the hoof wall. The boots have the standard Cavallo built-in drainage for water, mud and sand. The back flap is moulded-in for bulb protection and abrasion resistance.  A non-slip tread minimises build-up of mud, sand and debris and provides excellent traction while still allowing natural movement.


  • pair of boots
  • kevlar-type pads which protect the boot from damage from metal shoes
  • studs
  • pair of comfort pads.